A 4-Star Resort in North Goa,Morjim


Have You Explored Morjim Resorts in Goa with Bars?

Morjim resorts in Goa with bars

Goa may be one of India’s smallest states, but it has plenty to offer, especially to those who like to drink and get transported to their world! From roadside bars to the ones that are located close to beaches, there are plenty of options available here. However, for those travelers or visitors of Goa that are in the northern part of the state, Morjim resorts in Goa with bars present a wonderful opportunity that shouldn’t be missed at any cost.


What makes these bars special is the choice or spread that is put before you. Besides this, the bars in the Morjim resorts are happening places where people of all age groups and walks of life come together to have a time of their life. You’ll, therefore, not be surprised to bump into someone that is new to Goa or someone that has visited the place on multiple occasions.


Morjim resorts in Goa with bars are a must-visit place while you’re on a vacation to Goa. Whatever your drinking choices are; expect these cozy and happening places to satisfy your inner cravings. From Indian drinks to imported ones, there is something or the other at these bars. What’s more, the bars are open for most of the day. So, whenever you think of having a good time with a friend or a relative, make sure to visit one such bar. You’ll not be disappointed!


The ambiance and setting you would get in bars, like the ones that are found in resorts are hard to find anywhere else in Goa. You need to come here and enjoy all that is on offer to fully understand the true Goan atmosphere. Whilst the resorts by themselves are big and have a lively atmosphere, the bars in them are well stocked up and provide a perfect setting for you to satisfy your watery cravings.


It is not just the choices in drinks that you’ll find in abundance across the bars; the choice of foods is equally fantastic. Morjim resorts in Goa with bars are known for their incredible food options. If you have a penchant for international cuisine, then make sure to try some of their international dishes. If you like authentic and tasty Goan cuisine, these bars provide lots of Goan food options too! So, in all, for all food lovers out there, these bars are like a food haven that is hard to miss.


Morjim resorts in Goa with bars are also an excellent place for music and party lovers. You’ll easily see people drinking to their heart’s content and partying till the wee hours of the mornings. If you’ve been looking for one such perfect place in north Goa, then make sure you check out Belle Velle Resorts. This resort has one of the best and reliable bars you’ll ever come across in the whole of Goa. The staff is courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. Whether you’re on a solo trip or with a group, this resort will tick all the boxes for you.

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