A 4-Star Resort in North Goa,Morjim


Best Resorts in North Goa to Stay

Best Resorts in North Goa

North Goa is the approved choice when it comes to Vacations in Goa. Most of the People love to stay in North Goa. There are many things to do in North Goa such as Water sports, Pubs, Dining out and Bar Hopping. The Best Time to Visit in North Goa is from October to March. Goa is the Holiday Destination for foreign and local tourists across the world.


Who Visits North Goa

North Goa is mostly visited by families, friends and couples who want to spend their good time. Most of the people preferred Resorts near Beach. North Goa is a hot destination for sports lovers.


Best Resorts in North Goa

Belle Velle Resort is the Best Resorts in North Goa. The Belle Velle Resort is located near Morjim Beach. The Belle Velle Resort is the perfect accommodation for the tourists who visit Goa. Belle Velle Resort has spacious and Luxurious rooms and suites to accommodate guests.  Belle Velle Resorts provides facility such as free wifi, free Room Services, Non-smoking Rooms to Free Toiletries etc.


At Belle Velle Resort, we provide you with services that not offer by other resorts in North Goa. If you are foodie, Belle Velle Resort has an in-house restaurant and bar that satisfy your Hunger and take care of taste buds.  You can feel at your home, away from their real Home.


As Belle Velle Resort is located in North Goa, You can reach our resort without facing any problem. Our Resort is just 20 minutes away from Goa Airport.

If you want to make a holiday Plan for Goa Destination then check out our offerings, contact us and visit our website BelleVelleResort.

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