A 4-Star Resort in North Goa,Morjim



Are you a party animal, avid drinker, or voracious Eater? If you’re one of these or all of them, then we have got you covered!

Belle Velle Bar is truly one-of- a-kind bar in the heart of Goa. A perfect hangout place, Belle Velle gives you a serious option to move away from the hustle and bustle of Central Goa. We are located very close to the Goa Arena and therefore, you’ll not find it difficult to reach us. Also, you can reach your destination after a fine dining experience without any difficulty. From light meals and tasty nibbles to exquisite drinks, there is something for every party seeker in our bar. Our friendly and experienced bar staff will take no time in mixing up a cocktail for of your choice or impress you with their special creations.

At Belle Velle, it is our endeavour to create an atmosphere that is perfect for a night out. After all, spending some time with friends or getting to drink after a hard day’s work is a priority for a majority of us! We understand this fully and, therefore, we create that atmosphere everyday and for every occasion!



We always look forward to making your experience an enriched one at the Belle Velle Bar. Whether you’re looking to spend some quality time with friends or just want to unwind yourself after a hard day at the office, we are here to help you all the way through.We understand that when these requirements are high on your agenda, making you wait at the table doesn’t seem right.

This is why we have an option that will let you book a table and enjoy your time with us, without any glitch. So go ahead and book a table now!

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