A 4-Star Resort in North Goa,Morjim



About Belle Velle Resort

Located close to Goa Beach and 100 Meters away from the popular Beach, BelleVelle Resort is the perfect accommodation center in this multicultural city. Whether your stay is a small one or a big one, you can expect nothing but memorable and comfortable stay.

We have spacious and luxurious rooms and suites to accommodate our guests. Each of these places is provided with amenities that will make your stay comfortable. From WiFi to Room Services, Non-smoking rooms to Free Toiletries, you’ll find them all in one place! We also provide free parking facilities at our property. And if you’re a foodie, we have an in-house restaurant and a snack bar that will not only take care of your taste buds but also your hunger pangs!

At BelleVelle Resort, we make sure to provide our guests with all necessary amenities to ensure they feel at home, away from their real home!

As our property is located in Goa, you can expect to reach most of the prominent places of the city within a short span of time. Whether you wish to see a historic place or an entertainment area, you’re never too far away! Goa Airport is located just 20 minutes away!

Want to enquire more about us and check out our offerings, call us right away or send us an e-mail. We will be glad to hear from you!

Why Us?







Our Belief is what matters

It is our core values that reflect what is really important to us, both as a group of individuals as well as a company. Our solid foundation is the core values that we believe in. It is these values that form the main principles of our culture. We are, therefore, committed to working hard to ensure our core values are upheld at all times. It is this endeavour that makes BelleVelle Resort is so special. We are glad to say that we are a bunch of individuals that are deeply and sincerely committed to each other, whilst serving our guests every day and addressing the concerns of the community in which we live.

The core values that make our team stand apart!

We are happy to provide the myriad of alternatives and choices for our customers to choose from. In doing so, our team has set the bars high for itself. It is our constant endeavour to provide you the highest possible products and services. In this regard, we challenge ourselves regularly to enhance and update. Refurbishment, constant training, and innovation are what can help our team to create an environment that both our guests and employees can use to refer our facility as their home away from home!

Our team is here to meet and even exceed the expectations our guests have from us, on each visit and between it. We firmly believe that in satisfying and delighting our customers, we ensure the employment of our team and longevity of our business. We strive to have return and loyal guests. In this attempt of ours, we make sure to serve our customers with proficient, personable, and competent service. In succeeding in doing so, we believe we can create distinctive and memorable experiences for our customers.

We are glad to have everyone sympathetic to our aims. This includes staff, guests, and suppliers. They have all been supporting us all the way through, and to this wonderful team, we would like to say ‘thank you’. The collective contributions, no doubt, make a lot of difference. But we will not sit back. In fact, we will back ourselves to provide even better services to our customers and be a responsible business entity in the global community.

As a team, we make sure to provide a level of care that inspires by example, honest communication, generates trust, appreciation, and respect.

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